-3G / Data
-720P video playback
-Bluetooth Low Power Mode
-Bluetooth Unique MAC Address
-Bluetooth Auto Reconnect
-Camcorder (800×480)
-Camera (5MP)
-GPS (diem fix)
-Google Talk AV
-Hosts File (ad blocking)
-ICS transition effects, rotation effects, animations
-LED Notification with custom auto brightness
-Predictive T9 Dialer
-PPTP VPN fix by arne182
-RTL Language Support
-Wi-Fi + IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication
-Volume up/down rocker camera control
-USB File Transfer
-Native WIFI Tethering with or android-wifi-tether
-Wired Tethering with android-wired-tether
-Adjustable CPU voltage via /system/etc/init.d/98cpu_voltage This can help overclocking stability and battery usage.

Download: HERE

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